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Schools Marine Curriculum Support

This page is designed to support students and teachers as they prepare for the challenge. All guidance sheets are linked to the relevant curriculum target areas at Key Stages 3&4 as well as GCSE Engineering units.



Make sure you check out the rules before getting too involved with your craft. It's a good
idea to print these out and keep them handy so you can refer to them to make sure your

entry is within the rules!.........more


Points Criteria

Examine this document carefully to work out how you can achieve maximum points for your entry.........more


Hull Design: Electric and IC

The hull is the most important part of your craft and will dictate your success or otherwise within the Challenge. Our guidance sheet will help you through the steps you need to take to ensure you arrive at Race Day with a fighting chance. Combined with the information in our Hints & Tips section, this is an essential read for all........more


Hull Design: Solar

The Solar Challenge offers great scope for the design of different hull types for your craft. Performance and handling, as well as form and bouyancy are all reliant on your hull design. This guidance will help you to consider many of the options open to you........more


Exhaust Design

The exhaust is vital to the reliability and performance of your boat. Not only does it reduce the noise pollution but it also provides extra power to the engine if correctly designed. It also provides fuel tank pressure to help maintain fuel delivery to the carburettor. This guide, coupled with out Hints & Tips section will help you develop the basic exhaust system you are supplied with........more


Team Finance

An important aspect of Teamwork involves being able to keep control of the finances. This section will help you raise the funds necessary to buy new components and cover the costs involved in the project........more


Graphic Products

In the modern world of sports marketing, adopting and promoting your team identity is an essential part of your work. You will need to reward your sponsors with appropriate advertising and give potential sponsors a reason for working with you. Our guidance sheet will help you to organise your promotional campaign........more


Laser Timer

Accurate timing of boats is an important aspect often overlooked when developing and adapting craft, particularly in the Solar section. The use of high intensity light sources or lasers can help us to achieve such accuracy........more

Build Guides


Methanol Boats....more

Solar .......more

Electric .......more

DRAWINGS - Our extensive range of engineering drawings will help you to plan out your craft.