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Welcome to Hill End Enterprise Camp , the first of a kind run for Oxford and Cherewell Valley College Business and Enterprise students.

Thursday: Students did not know what to expect. from arrival to departure they were into something completely different. The “time warp” accommodation and work area heated with a wood burner, to a unique catering experience, this was not norn for life in business..........

The brief::  To experience themed enterprise activities and then produce a marketing and business proposal for Hillend Enterprise Camps, in other words marketing the experience they were going through!

Participants worked late into the night on solar powered vehicles - Craft enterprise - Gravity Racers - Electric Bikes.  

A hive of activity and then to a spectacular feast of a spit roasted pig cooked over an open fire and turned by a 1929 engine. This and many other features of the camp were recognised as added value.


Friday. Teams prepare to present to our judging panel, keeping ideas to them selves until it was time to make the pitch. Relocating to the barn to be the first students starting on the knock out rounds for the Oxford Enterprise Award. Dressed to impress each team presented and faced searching questions by our panel. After lunch time deliberations, the winning team was announced to go forwards to the final round. In June 2013.

So, what was it like? Don’t ask us, find out from the students in the last photo on the slideshow.