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An electrifying challenge from Formula Schools!


What is the Electric Challenge?

All the opportunities of the I.C class but far more

deliverable to large groups or in the curriculum. The
scale is reduced so that a typical component can be more easily manufactured using school sized equipment, e.g. vacuum formed body shells, CNC milled or routed chassis. Full curriculum delivery materials including lesson plans and pupil research materials are available online. Based on a 1/12th scale electric car it has all the features of engineering in the following categories:

- Powertrain and chassis

- Body and Aerodynamics

- Teamwork

- Driving


There are two classes of Dynamic challenge with the potential for different cars

1.  Grand prix time trials:- Designing a fast car with a good driver.

2. Time trial where accuracy and precision against the clock count:- Designing a manoeuvrable car with good acceleration


What will I get out of it?

The Formula Schools Electric Challenge provides hardware and a context with following infrastructure to offer and deliver engineering as an extra-curricular activity or within a discrete subject. The scheme provides materials and specialist support for curriculum delivery of: Vocational GCSE’s in engineering, Systems and control and Resistant materials. Units from Performing Engineering operations at Levels 1 and 2.


All this adds up to young people experiencing the application of scientific / technical skills and knowledge not available in mainstream education.



The hardware required includes; radio gear with servos and transmitter; front and rear suspension units; power unit, control unit and motor; and drive assembly.

Teams or class groups design a competitive end product in the following areas:

Chassis, body shell, team ID and marketing.

Optional areas for development to produce a more competitive car include:

Power train, suspension and steering, crash resistance etc. In fact so long as the original motor and battery system remains any modifications are actively encouraged.

The rear axle and chassis dimensions determine the overall width of the car and can be easily made using simple tools. Drawings of the standard assembly are supplied including downloadable Pro-Desktop drawings from the web site.


Race Day

At Silverstone all the participants and companies supporting the scheme will take part in both races. Judging of the cars and teamwork will take place along with the all-important dynamic competition of Grand Prix and Accuracy time Trial.

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Engineering; Body and Aerodynamics; Teamwork, Grand Prix and Heats. Points accrue from all the rounds to give an overall winner of the challenge.

Want to Know More?

If you'd like to know more about how to enter the Electric Challenge, e-mail us for more details at info@engineeringyourfuture.com  








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